5th Annual Postmodern Winemaking Symposium:
California’s Premier Wine Industry Event



$100 / ticket donated to fire relief. 

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Smoke taint chemistry and cures
Postmodern Winemaking Theory



Symposium – GREEK: debate, plot, boast, revel and drink.  Join us behind the curtain of standard platitudes to tap into the cutting edge of wine science and taste the liquid visions of seasoned veterans and emerging hipster winemakers.

Wine holds a cherished place in our culture. Yet seldom is its nature and potential discussed with candor and vulnerability. The Postmodern Winemaking Symposium provides a forum where trained enologists and self-taught winemakers explore practical philosophy and converse authentically with trade professionals and wine lovers.

Tuesday & Wednesday 9AM - 5 PM

The purpose of the Symposium is to get winemakers talking.  Imagine 100 of us, each one the world’s top expert in their own niche, discussing hot topics with lots of wines present.

Day One (100 winemakers) Tuesday 9AM - 5 PM

  • Tuesday:
    • 2017 Harvest review
      • Smoke taint vineyard chemistry & wine treatment
      • Chemistry of a weird year: low brixes, hi pHs
      • Pyrazine removal, integration and masking
    • Emerging technologies Parade
    • Wine Science Forum: Impact of oxygen at bottling (aroma, flavor and color)

    This year, in day two, we will invite wine trade professionals for a candid exchange of perspectives.

    Day Two (100 winemakers plus 36 trade professionals) Wednesday 9AM - 5PM

    • Wednesday:

      • Wine Science Forum: Extending shelf life
        • Stéphane Vidal, Andrew Waterhouse, Patricia Howe
      • Microbiology of spontaneous fermentations
      • Natural Wine: What is it?  What merits are in the concept?
      • Emerging regions and varieties outside the three-tier system

    Participants are invited to bring a wine or two for sharing with colleagues to illustrate a topic of your choice. Six 750 ml bottles are required. 


    Held this year at the beautiful DeTurk Round Barn!

              819 Donahue St, Santa Rosa, CA in downtown Santa Rosa.


    Delicious local cuisine available for purchase from Odd Couple Catering

    Don’t miss the California wine event of the year!


    Free to Symposium Participants


    December 5, 2017 6:30-8:30 PM

    Santa Rosa, CA

    This powerful two-hour workshop, which explores the new science of cognitive enology through experiences of the effect of music on wine sensory perception, is included in the tuition for participants in this weekend's Fundamentals of Modern Wine Chemistry class and open to the public for $30. Please reserve seating.  

    "It is not our goal to agree.  The multiplicity of expression that characterizes our industry cannot survive if we all do the same thing.” -Clark Smith  


    "I love this book: it’s brave, provocative, and fun. Smith has a writing style that’s engaging and that enlivens what would otherwise risk being indigestible wine science. This is a significant contribution to the literature on winemaking."
    --Jamie Goode, author of The Science of Wine and Authentic Wine

    "An engaging, frequently controversial, but always thoughtful treatise that delves into the complexity of philosophical choices and new technologies that are now part of every winemaker's existence in a world where consilience of art and science is frequently needed. This book should be required reading for all winemakers, aspiring winemakers, and anyone who wishes to have a deeper understanding of wine."
    --Joel Peterson, founder, Ravenswood Winery  

    Only by disagreeing- and tasting -

    can we discern our own place in the wine world.